Alison & Isaac

July 24, 2021Santa Cruz, CA

The Wedding

Saturday, July 24, 2021
12:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Cowell Ranch Historic Hay Barn
Ranch View Road, Santa Cruz, California, 95064, United States
Wedding Party

Heather Marzo - Maid of Honor

"We have been the definition of ride or die for each other. No matter what I know I can always count on her and I hope she knows she can always count on me. Late night trips to donut shops, last minute birthday trips, blow up dolls at the beach, Disneyland trips, vacations. No matter what it may be Alison always seems to bring the best out of anything and everything.

The memory that comes to mind is the day we decided to just have a day at the beach. We went to Santa Cruz with no plans and ended up having the best time. We got ice cream, lottery tickets, laid on the beach, saw a psychic (she was not that great…said we were all marrying a Richard… hahaha). It was just the best day. We had no plans; we just were enjoying each other’s company. I think that is my favorite part about Alison, I just genuinely enjoy her company no matter what. "

Benjie Smith - Best Man

"My big brother took me under his wing from a young age. When I started listening to a lot of Green Day and “Warning:” became my favorite album, he told me to listen to some real music and nudged me toward “Dookie.” Isaac made sure that I never strayed too far from the path. I still clearly remember the evening when we were sitting in the car and “TNT” came on the radio. With Angus Young in the background, Isaac turned to me and said, “This is AC/DC.” Then and there, they became my favorite band, partly because they’re insanely good, but mostly because Isaac showed me."